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Although all that any resident of Southkey Place may wish for is within easy travelling distance and so the stresses of traffic and crowds is all but eliminated, the Keyland Corporation has still included numerous amenities within the project, ensuring residents have an even less stressful experience and more contented lifestyle. These onsite amenities include:

Amenity Pool – There is perhaps nothing as relaxing as some quiet time in a cool pool and that time is made even more relaxing by the fact that the pool is literally on your doorstep

Gymnasium – Without the exercise associated with long commutes, some residents may feel the need to keep in shape in a more relaxed atmosphere and so the provision of a gym in the project was perhaps considered a must and will provide residents with the opportunity to work-out in more privacy than any public gymnasium can offer them

Function Room – Most residential complexes and condominiums today, include at least one function room as they have been found to be a very popular asset. The availability of a function room means that residents have no worries about finding a venue when families want a reunion or work mates want to meet socially. The residential units of today are designed for affordable comfort, sophistication and privacy and so are not ideal for large gatherings but with the availability of a function room on the premises, socializing is still easy and once again requires no stress from having to travel.

Commercial Amenities

The 17 storey Southkey Place building has provision for parking on 2 levels and a commercial area that provides space for a restaurant, banking facility and small mall and so even though everything you may need is nearby, usually residents will find all they need right within the same building as their residential unit is located in.

Lifestyle Standard

Today young professionals often do not quantify their standard of lifestyle by the accommodation they have but more often by the amenities that that accommodation has to offer and in the case of Southkey Place residents, few are better placed or catered to.

Safety and Security

Safety and security is one of the main concerns for anybody with a family or for those that are living away from home for their first time and so those have been taken into consideration during the developing of this project. For safety there is of course the smoke alarm and sprinkler systems, plus of course not having to worry about increases in crimes during blackouts is an added bonus. For security of the residents of Southkey Place and their property, the developers, Keyland Corporation have arranged for a 24 hour emergency response team that cannot only assist with security matters but also any number of other emergencies which residents may be unfortunate to experience.

  • Commercial Spaces on the Ground Floor
  • 100% Back-up Power Supply
  • Laundromat
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Function Rooms
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